Freitag, 10. August 2018

Upgrade DBA Republican Romans for Triumph! Games

This is another blog entry wich bears the subtitle "The pleasures and pains of playing Triumph!". You are asking me what the h*** I am speaking of? Well - the pleasures of playing a Triumph game are quite obvious: It is an excellent easy to learn fast playing yet hard to master ruleset for ancient to medieval historical miniature battles. The (sweet) pain arises from its 658 army list and 26 troop types: Most of my existing 15mm armies made for DBA 2.2 need to be adapted, i.e. I have to rebase existing elements and to add new ones while some others are no longer needed.

In order to make my DBA armies of Polybian and Marian Romans playable for Triumph, I have painted the following new elements:

all figures by Xyston Miniatures

raw legionaries (heavy foot)

Velites (light foot)

Caetrati allied javelinmen (light foot)

Leves (Rabble)

bolt shooter (Artillery)

Roman horsemen (javelin cavalry) with general's element on the right

Republican Romans for Triumph! and DBA

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