Montag, 2. Dezember 2019

Triumph! - End of Year Tournament in Switzerland

There is a small wargaming community in Switzerland, each player with his favoured rulesets, periods and scales. What links us all is playing Triumph! with 15mm armies. To strengthen this link once again, we met in the old infirmary of my home town for a four round open for all armies Triumph! tournament.

the old infirmary in Solothurn, Switzerland
We had nine participants, two of them playing their first wargame tournament. To assist the newcomers and in general to give quick advice whenever questions would arise, my dear wargaming buddy Korbi and I played as a team, taking the roles of player and guide/umpire by turn.

  • four games
  • 75 minutes per game
  • each player scores the number of points equal to the enemy stands eliminated
  • if the game ends within the 75 min. timeframe, the winner gets extra 15 points