Freitag, 11. September 2020

another Wargaming Moment

For all armies in Triumph! games there has to be a camp present on the battlefield. The camp serves for no purpose other than being a possible objective for your opponent. You have to protect your camp to prevent it from being sacked. Taking your opponent's camp gives you half the points needed for winning the game.

In my Triumph! games camps are seldom sacked, and when it happens, it is usually done by light cavalry swiftly moving around the enemie's flank and taking the camp before the owner can react to this action. To better protect your camp you may choose one of your fighting units as a garrison, but then it has to remain there and will not participate in the field battle (choices, choices ..).

Now the year is 235 AD and an arabo-aramean army from the city of Hatra is fighting arab nomads on a flat piece of land at the seashore. The Hatra player has deliberately placed his camp at the extreme left of his battleline (using a Battle Card), thus gaining space in the centre for the development of his formation:

arabo-aramaean Hatra at the top,
arab nomads at the bottom of the picture

Donnerstag, 18. Juni 2020

Medieval German Army for Triumph Rules

Sadly the Covid crisis did not give me more time for painting miniatures. Nevertheless I have adapted my existing DBA Medieval Germans to the Triumph Medieval German Citstates/Princes armylist:

To my existing DBA Medieval Germans I had to add
- six stands of Bow Levies
- three stands of Archers/Crossbowmen
- one stand of Cataphracts
to let me choose most options in the Triumph army list.

Some years ago when I paid a visit to the city of Prague, I bought me a nice ceramic model of the Old Town Bridge Tower. He had to rest in my parts box for some time but finally it became the main part of a Camp element for my medieval miniature armies.

The Triumph Medieval German Citystates/Princes army is now ready to be played:

Mittwoch, 5. Februar 2020

Setup and Scoring Template for Triumph! - Games

Setting up a standard Triumph! game is not a big deal:

  1. choose the battlefield topography (based upon the armie's invasion ratings)
  2. find out which army has the tactical advantage for this battle (based upon the armie's manoeuvre rating)
  3. find out if either army qualifies for a flank march (again based upon the maoeuvre rating)
  4. dice for number of terrain pieces. The player with the tactical advantage may modify this number.
You just need the armie's ratings, two D6 and a scrap of paper to take some notes. Just follow the process in the official Triumph! setup guide. To further aid the process I have created a simple template which guides you step by step: Fill in the army ratings, the diced numbers and the resulting attributes for the game:

completely filled in Triumph! template at the end of a game 

The template lets you take note of the names of the players and their armies, the date of the game and the year of the battle should you wish to do so. Additionally, there is a scoring row for each player where you may keep score of your points during the battle.

You may download the template in pdf format if you want to give it a try. The backside of the pdf explains its use step by step. If you like my template or if you have suggestions to improve it, please leave a note in the commentary field below.