Donnerstag, 18. Juni 2020

Medieval German Army for Triumph Rules

Sadly the Covid crisis did not give me more time for painting miniatures. Nevertheless I have adapted my existing DBA Medieval Germans to the Triumph Medieval German Citstates/Princes armylist:

To my existing DBA Medieval Germans I had to add
- six stands of Bow Levies
- three stands of Archers/Crossbowmen
- one stand of Cataphracts
to let me choose most options in the Triumph army list.

Some years ago when I paid a visit to the city of Prague, I bought me a nice ceramic model of the Old Town Bridge Tower. He had to rest in my parts box for some time but finally it became the main part of a Camp element for my medieval miniature armies.

The Triumph Medieval German Citystates/Princes army is now ready to be played:

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