Mittwoch, 5. Februar 2020

Setup and Scoring Template for Triumph! - Games

Setting up a standard Triumph! game is not a big deal:

  1. choose the battlefield topography (based upon the armie's invasion ratings)
  2. find out which army has the tactical advantage for this battle (based upon the armie's manoeuvre rating)
  3. find out if either army qualifies for a flank march (again based upon the maoeuvre rating)
  4. dice for number of terrain pieces. The player with the tactical advantage may modify this number.
You just need the armie's ratings, two D6 and a scrap of paper to take some notes. Just follow the process in the official Triumph! setup guide. To further aid the process I have created a simple template which guides you step by step: Fill in the army ratings, the diced numbers and the resulting attributes for the game:

completely filled in Triumph! template at the end of a game 

The template lets you take note of the names of the players and their armies, the date of the game and the year of the battle should you wish to do so. Additionally, there is a scoring row for each player where you may keep score of your points during the battle.

You may download the template in pdf format if you want to give it a try. The backside of the pdf explains its use step by step. If you like my template or if you have suggestions to improve it, please leave a note in the commentary field below.