Freitag, 18. Mai 2018

Italian Condotta Army for Triumph!

After having played Triumph! for about one year now, I have finally finished my first army in 15mm built upon a Triumph! army list. It is the Later Italian Condotta army of Venice which has quite a number of options. It took me some time to paint them but now that they're finished I am mighty proud and have already won a first battle leading them against a sister army, the Genoese!

Later Italian Condotta Triumph! Army List
The whole Army in its Glory

Mercenary Pikemen (Light Spear)
Left side: Light Foot, right side: Sword and Buckler Men (Raiders)

Left side: Militia Bowmen (Bow Levy), right side: Mercenary Crossbowmen (Archers)
Town Guardsmen (Heavy Foot)
Militia Pavisiers and Crossbowmen (Pavisiers)
Bombard (Artillery)
Left: Hungarian Horse Archers (Horse Bow), center and right: Stradiots (Javelin Cavalry)
Crossbowmen on Horses (Bad Horse)
Condottieri elmeti (Knights)
More Condottieri elmeti with General's Element (Knights)
The Army in the Landscape of Venice, Italy

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  1. kann ich es in etwa abschätzen, was da auf mich zu kommt. Die Figuren sind dir gelungen. Meine Ungarn sind in Arbeit. Mal sehen was die CZ-Szene dazu meint...