Donnerstag, 7. September 2017

Template for Setting up a Triumph! game

Setting up a Triumph! game is not a big deal, but for your first few games a scrap of paper and a pencil will come in handy. As an aide memoire and to support the setup phase of the game and for keeping score I have created a small template (half a page of A4).

my Triumph! template

Based on my own experience and to reflect the minor changes in version 07 (october 2017) of the Triumph! rules, I have adapted the template and named it V 0.4.

You can find the V 0.4 template for download here: Triumph! template 

I have put two templates on one A4 sheet and you can find an explanation on how to use it on the second page of the document.

We have tested the template in our latest game and it worked quite well for us. Feel free to use the template for your games and tell me what you think about it in the comments box below. 

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