Sonntag, 7. Februar 2021

Terrain Pieces for "rough" terrain

You want to play a minature game? Then you need minatures, that's obvious! Yet - almost as important as your gang of wild west gunfighters, your pack of orcs or your Spartan Hoplite army is a collection of terrain pieces to play the game. While you may start with pieces of coloured felt representing woods, hills and rivers, most of us miniature gamers are looking upon terrain pieces not only as a necessary part to play the game but also as a means to enhance the visual appearance of it. A nice looking battlefield populated by beautifully painted minatures sets the icing on the cake of an exciting game:

For  my Triumph! games with 15mm historical miniatures I have found Time Cast Models offering unpainted terrain pieces made of flexible latex. They have fields, rough ground, marshes, ponds/lakes and paddy field pieces. 
I have got me a set of rough ground pieces and I want to show you how quick and easy they were to paint and how nicely they look on the battlefield:

this is how the raw pieces look from above

on the underside you can see they are made of latex material

Painted with a base layer of earth brown

drybrushed for a 1st highlight

drybrushed for a 2nd highlight

stones picked out in a grey base colour and drybrushed

bushes painted in dark green and drybrushed

grass flock added

sealed with matt spray varnish

some pieces were painted in a lighter tone

I very much like these terrain pieces and will soon start working on the marshes

3 Kommentare:

  1. the first pict with the farm and the animals is in a larger skale, right? see you soon...

  2. This is correct, dbajuri. The topmost picture ist of a Sharp Practice game in 28mm. Next one shows figures for Dux Brittanniarum in 15mm. The third ist of a Triumph! game in 15mm.

  3. Your pieces of rough terrain look nice, especially with the grass flock. Cheers, Karl