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Greek Temple as a Camp Element for Greek-Bactrian DBA Army

A DBA army needs a camp element. For my latest 15mm army - the II/36a Greek Bactrians - I planned to have a temple dedicated to Zeus as their camp. To make it a bit more special than earlier temples I had made for the Early Hoplite Greeks and for the Alexandrian Macedonians it should have a circular form. According to my architecture handbook, circular temples were a special type of greek sacral buildings:
from: dtv-Atlas Baukunst, Band I, 2013

According to Wikipedia a simple form of a greek circular temple is the monopteros or cyclostyle, which lacks a the central closed room called cella. A monopteros looks like this:

I wanted the temple to host a statue of Zeus, but I could not find a 15mm figure of the king of the gods to my liking. To make the best of this situation, I chose the 28mm Zeus figure from Foundry's greek mythology range as a larger than life statue and adapted the temple model's dimensions accordingly. Then I started to collect the parts necessary:
- wooden discs from warbases for the temple's base (krepis) and the pedestal for the statue
- a length of wooden plug for the fluted columns
- a styrofoam sphere for the dome
- the 28mm Zeus miniature
the initial material
As a first step I glued three discs to form the temple base. The styro sphere was cut in half and glued to two discs forming the future architrave:

It was only then when I realised that greek columns need capitals. So I cut simple squares from a foamcore sheet and glued them to the temple base and to the architrave. Metal pins will hold the future columns in place and help to stabilise the whole structure:

The pedestal for the statue was added to the base

and a first test assembly went ok:

Now was the time for painting the temple and the Zeus figure. Zeus had his metal base filed off so his feet will fit flush with the pedestal and he got pins inserted to fix him in place:

My son (a professional conservator) recommended to paint the temple in colour as classical buildings and statues have been painted in colour according to today's experts opinion. So I chose to paint the base and the columns in grey-white, the capitals in a dark yellow, the architrave in blue and the dome in red. White cardboard squares stand for the triglyphs on the architrav:

As a DBA camp needs a removable camp follower element, I painted up a priestess from Xyston's Seleucus Nicator Personality Pack:

Now here comes the complete II/36a Greek-Bactrian DBA army together with its temple camp:
Backed by the mighty thunderer and thrower of thunderbolts this army looks quite invincible!

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